Digital Announcer solutions to easily deliver live, repeated, scheduled, and event-triggered messages to multiple zones.

With robust standard features and even more robust options, Instaplay will meet or exceed the most demanding requirements.


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INSTAPLAY™ Digital Message Repeater

Audio Announcing Systems that solve real-world problems

ALARMCO® offers uniquely Intelligent Message Repeaters to provide flexible solutions through easy-to-use features. At the heart of each Instaplay are its playlists, which control, coordinate, and organize the playing of messages.  Playlists can control the spacing between events and the audio output volume.  They can invoke other playlists to run.   And they can define how a Control Input will be interpreted when a contact closure occurs.  Instaplays are feature-rich to allow almost infinite customization.   Two Instaplays can even be configured to work in tandem to provide up to 30 physical control inputs.

Standard features:

  • 500 non-volatile messages  - Each digital announcer can contain up to 500 variable length messages.

  • Recorded or Digitized Messages  - Voice messages can be recorded and stored by the customer or digitized from professionally produced audio files.

  • User-programmable  - All digital message repeater (DMR) products can be configured using a standard touch tone telephone -- the announcers respond to the user-entered touch tones with English-spoken responses.

  • 4, 8, or 16 Control Inputs  - Instaplay's control inputs that can be triggered by a contact closure such as a push button.  In addition to this physical activation, each Control Input can be virtually activated from playlists or, DTMF tones.

  • Relay output  - A relay, which provides a circuit path, is energized for the duration of each message.

  • Background music playthrough  -  Any background music source can be played between messages automatically.

  • Pre-announcement tones  - Attention-getting "splash" tones are included and can precede messages.

  • Music Box Lullaby  - If this is for a hospital application, just let us know and we will include several versions of a Music Box Lullaby that can be broadcast when a baby is born.

  • A/C or D/C power  - Instaplay can run on either A/C or D/C power. When both are connected simulatneously, Instaplay will automatically resort to backup power if primary power is lost.

Instaplay™ Digital Message Repeaters broadcast voice alert messages when one of its Control Inputs detects a contact closure.  Models are available with 4, 8, or 16 Control Inputs.  The installer can control the mode of operation for message queuing, canceling, or prioritizing, so that the Instaplay is tailored to the specific application -- whether the application is an industrial, commercial, hospital, kiosk (e.g., museum exhibit), or retail environment. Instaplay message repeaters are ideal for emergency voice evacuation and annunciator systems.

Optional Features:

  • Multiple Audio Output Channels - Messages can be directed to any combination of available audio output channels.  The audio output channel(s) can be activated by a playlist, with DTMF commands (Local or Remote), from an RS-232 Serial Port, or from an Ethernet Port.

  • Multiple Programmable Relays  -  Up to 8 internal relays can be controlled from playlists, with DTMF commands (Local or Remote), from an RS-232 Serial Port, or from an Ethernet Port. With a second relay, two Instaplays can communicate with eachother to queue up to 30 physical Control Input activations.

  • Telephone Control  -  By connecting Instaplay to a standard analog telephone line, remote recording, programming, and status reporting can be accomplished from any location with telephone or cellular service.  Various security options determine how Instaplay will respond to incoming calls, which can include a Customer-defined greeting.

  • Telephone Control with Auto-Dialer  -  Telephone Control with AutoDialer allows for both incoming and outgoing calls. In addition to allowing a user to remotely connect to and control Instaplay, this option allows Instaplay to initiate outgoing calls to inform remote users of critical conditions.

  • Scheduler  -  On a daily, weekly, or hourly basis, Playlists can be scheduled 365 days a year.  Scheduled entries and contact closure requests can be combined and inter-mixed on a relative priority basis to determine which event should take precedence. By utilizing Instaplay's Scheduler option, various playlist activities can be scheduled to occur automatically. These playlist activities can include playing messages, triggering Control Inputs, activating relays, changing the audio output volumes, enabling audio output channels and more.

  • Serial Link  -  An RS-232 Serial Link allows communication between Instaplay and a personal computer.  Individual commands can be executed or a file containing commands can be sent from the PC.  For example, playlists can be created on the PC and downloaded to the Instaplay.

  • Serial Link with Virtual Control Inputs  -  With this option, up to 128 virtual control inputs can be activated by a computer or PLC over Instaplay's serial port.

  • Network  -  An RJ-45 connector on Instaplay allows Ethernet communication using ASCII commands to control Instaplay, generate reports, and download playlists and schedules from your desktop. Virtual Control Inputs can even be activated from a PLC.

  • Radio Control  -  Two-way radio control allows remote recording, programming, and status reporting on any individual Instaplay within broadcast range.

  • Push-to-Talk Mic Connector  -  Instaplay's standard 3-pin XLR mic connector can be replaced with a 5-pin connector to enable a live broadcast that will override any triggered or scheduled announcements.

Our reputation for reliability is unsurpassed, providing over two decades of uninterrupted service in worldwide locations. Please send us an e-mail or call us with any questions you may have.

Instaplay Commercial Models
IP4-FA03, IP8-FA03, IP16-FA03,        IP4-FA06, IP8-FA06, IP16-FA06,          IP4-FA12, IP8-FA12, IP16-FA12,
IP4-FA18, IP8-FA18, IP16-FA18,        IP4-FA30, IP8-FA30, IP16-FA30,          IP4-FA48, IP8-FA48, IP16-FA48,
IP4-FA90, IP8-FA90, IP16-FA90,        IP4-FA180, IP8-FA180, IP16-FA180

Instaplay Plus Models
IP4-FC03, IP8-FC03, IP16-FC03,        IP4-FC06, IP8-FC06, IP16-FC06,          IP4-FC12, IP8-FC12, IP16-FC12,
IP4-FC18, IP8-FC18, IP16-FC18,        IP4-FC30, IP8-FC30, IP16-FC30,          IP4-FC40, IP8-FC40, IP16-FC40,
IP4-FC90, IP8-FC90, IP16-FC90

Instaplay Deluxe Models
IP4-FD03, IP8-FD03, IP16-FD03,        IP4-FD06, IP8-FD06, IP16-FD06,          IP4-FD09, IP8-FD09, IP16-FD09,
IP4-FD20, IP8-FD20, IP16-FD20,        IP4-FD30, IP8-FD30, IP16-FD30,          IP4-FD45, IP8-FD45, IP16-FD45


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